Always give the perfect gift

Add items to your Giftry from anywhere and easily exchange your gift list with family and friends!

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Never wonder again if you'll receive a gift you love. Only with the Giftry app.

  • Add items from anywhere

    Know exactly what you want and where to find it? Add gift ideas from your camera or the web directly to your gift list.

  • Share your gift ideas

    Easily share your gift list with family and friends and forget about the awkward "what do you want?" phone call!

  • Explore gifts other users love

    Every item on Giftry has been added by another user to their own gift list. Explore now to see what people like you love.

  • Know the exact gift to buy

    Let Giftry ask your family and friends what they want and be the one who always gives the perfect gift. Don't worry, we won't spoil the surprise!

Never Get a Bad Gift Again

Create your gift list, add items from anywhere, and easily share with family and friends.


Peruse a wide range of gift ideas from gift givers just like you.


Find the perfect Christmas gift in July? Save it to your Giftry list so you never forget another great gift idea.


Share your curated gift list with family and friends so they know exactly what to buy you.

Get feedback

Know exactly what your friend is hoping for without awkwardly asking for a list of ideas.

Save ideas from anywhere

Sometimes giftspiration comes when you least expect it. Add items anywhere, anytime using your phone’s camera or web browser.

Buy With Confidence

Always know that you’re buying a gift they’ll love. Mark fulfilled gift ideas as purchased, just like a regular gift registry.

Bringing Joy to Gift Giving

Gift giving has been overrun by emotionless gift cards, impersonal gift baskets, and self-serving retailer recommendations. Our goal at Giftry is to turn gift giving opportunities into relationship building experiences. By using the Giftry app to create, store, and exchange gift ideas, your circle of family and friends will show how much they care through what they give.

  • Create a gift list for yourself or someone you care about
  • Add any item from anywhere
  • Explore and like gift ideas from the community
  • Exchange your gift lists with others


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