We love gifts! Whether it be a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, or anniversary; we love to see great reactions from people receiving wonderful gifts.

However, haven’t we all seen that forced smile of someone you know recieving a gift that just doesn’t fit? Be sure to understand what kind of person you are gifting for and get them something that they will love!

Here are 5 Giftry lists from some of our “influencers” that are catered to different types of people. Some of these are sure to match the personality you are gifting for.

Andrea Duclos from ohdeardrea.blogspot.com has created this great Giftry geared towards kids. These crafts and drawing tutorials will definitely help your kids develop their creativity.

Brittni Mehlhoff from papernstitchblog.com knows jewelry. Odd’s are so does your girlfriend, or sister… or mom.

This Giftry, full of goodies for the guys, was compiled by Anna James from ashboulevard.com.  I personally enjoyed these more “techie” and masculine gifts. This guitar-spatula is pretty sweet too!

Kelly Lanza from studiodiy.com has some great ideas that are sure to inspire anyone who enjoys crafts and at-home projects.
I was super impressed by this last Giftry. So many great gifts for both guys and girls who love to be active. Thanks go out to Stephanie Loaiza from SixSistersStuff.com for adding ideas to this one!

Well, that’s just 5 types of people you could be gifting for. This should get you started off well at giving great gifts!
There are plenty of more so check out our “Inspire” page for more great ideas.

Happy gifting!