Gift List: The Lumberjack


You know a lumberjack when you see one. The facial hair ranges from 5 o’clock shadow to full-length beard. You try to call him on the weekends but he never picks up. He’s probably sitting by a fire or hanging off the side of a mountain. His wardrobe consists of flannel, khaki, and perhaps Chacos. But don’t let this description limit you! Your lumberjack could be a female, and yes we’ve got ideas for her too. This gift list is for the outdoor-loving friends in your life. Understanding the Lumberjack: Gear. Most importantly, you need to sneakily find out what gear your

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Awesome Gift Ideas for 5 Types of People


We love gifts! Whether it be a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, or anniversary; we love to see great reactions from people receiving wonderful gifts. However, haven’t we all seen that forced smile of someone you know recieving a gift that just doesn’t fit? Be sure to understand what kind of person you are gifting for and get them something that they will love! Here are 5 Giftry lists from some of our “influencers” that are catered to different types of people. Some of these are sure to match the personality you are gifting for. 1. The Artistic Kid Andrea Duclos from has created this

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