Last Minute DIY Gifts


So you’ve made it through December and managed to forget a special someone on your shopping list. Or perhaps the perfect gift you’re surprising them with won’t be there in time for Christmas morning. We’ve all been there and you may feel stressed and desperate. We’ve put together a list of gifts you can make at home without the wait for shipping or funds. Or, if you’re in the mood to make something thoughtful take a look at these ideas! It’s never too late to come up with something your special someone will love.   DIY Map Magnets Does your

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Gift List: The Creative


Do you have a friend or family member who loves to create things? Whether it be drawing, painting, writing, composing music, taking pictures, or sewing, it’s easy for creatives to entertain themselves, as long as they have the right supplies. Creatives generally are free-spirited, sometimes introverted, doodling during class, and easily come up with great ideas that awe the rest of the group. It’s not difficult to find gifts for them but this list will broaden your options and delight your creative friend! Understanding the Creative: Anything Goes. Creatives can take anything and make it into something better, so really, you

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5 Gift Ideas for the Crafter in Your Life


These crafty gifts are for people who like to make things. The great thing about the ideas here is that not only do they make great gifts for the crafter in your life, but they also could be the perfect way for you to make some handmade gifts of your own. With the holidays coming up quickly, this make-your-own wrapping paper kit from could see a lot of use. Use the included stamps and patterns to make any paper into homemade, patterned gift wrap! While we’re talking about paper arts, here’s an especially cool idea: a map art kit. This

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