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Last Minute DIY Gifts


So you’ve made it through December and managed to forget a special someone on your shopping list. Or perhaps the perfect gift you’re surprising them with won’t be there in time for Christmas morning. We’ve all been there and you may feel stressed and desperate. We’ve put together a list of gifts you can make at home without the wait for shipping or funds. Or, if you’re in the mood to make something thoughtful take a look at these ideas! It’s never too late to come up with something your special someone will love.   DIY Map Magnets Does your

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Gift List: The Star Wars Fan


The great thing about Star Wars is that it’s been around through a lot of generations! Your Star Wars fan could be three years old or 89. It’s pretty easy to shop for Star Wars fans, since you can take any ordinary item, give it a galaxy twist, and it’s immediately something they’ll love! We’ve gathered a list of some pretty great gifts that will top all the others they get this year.   Understanding the Star Wars Fan: Type of Fan. Does your Star Wars fan want to look like Chewbacca? Or would he rather read a book pointing out all

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Gift List: The Techie


We’ve all got friends and family members who’ve got all the latest gadgets. They’ve got their houses wired to automate, they have bluetooth speakers, cameras at their doors, and automatic coffee makers. It can be hard to find gifts for these people because they’re either way ahead of the game, or you’re not made of money. Unfortunately, these gifts do cost more than others, but your techie will be floored if you can beat them to the latest gadgets. To help you be on top of it for the holidays, we’ve compiled a gift list just for techies! Understanding the Techie: Inexpensive Options. Once

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Gift List: The Athlete


You’ve got a friend who’s an athlete and you’re not sure what to get them. They workout everyday, play on teams, do this thing called “training”, and you’re not even sure where your local gym is. Don’t stress. There are simple ways to know what your athlete will love. We’ve put together a gift list that will help you find the perfect item to bring to their birthday party. Understanding the Athlete: The More, the Merrier. You may feel like they’ve got all the Nike gear they need but athletes love having a lot of options. They don’t want to wear

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Gift List: The Chef


You know the aromas, the tastes amaze you, but the fancy terms confuse you. Sounds like you’ve got a chef in your life! You appreciate every meal they’ve fed you, but you don’t know how to return the favor. You’re not sure what tools they use or need, what kind of cookbooks they like, or if they even use cookbooks! But we’ve put together a simple gift list that’s sure to help you support your chef.   Understanding the Chef: Baking vs. Cooking. Most importantly, you need to figure out if this person likes to cook or bake. Yes, they

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Gift List: The Lumberjack


You know a lumberjack when you see one. The facial hair ranges from 5 o’clock shadow to full-length beard. You try to call him on the weekends but he never picks up. He’s probably sitting by a fire or hanging off the side of a mountain. His wardrobe consists of flannel, khaki, and perhaps Chacos. But don’t let this description limit you! Your lumberjack could be a female, and yes we’ve got ideas for her too. This gift list is for the outdoor-loving friends in your life. Understanding the Lumberjack: Gear. Most importantly, you need to sneakily find out what gear your

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