Gift List: The Creative


Do you have a friend or family member who loves to create things? Whether it be drawing, painting, writing, composing music, taking pictures, or sewing, it’s easy for creatives to entertain themselves, as long as they have the right supplies. Creatives generally are free-spirited, sometimes introverted, doodling during class, and easily come up with great ideas that awe the rest of the group. It’s not difficult to find gifts for them but this list will broaden your options and delight your creative friend! Understanding the Creative: Anything Goes. Creatives can take anything and make it into something better, so really, you

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Gift List: The Athlete


You’ve got a friend who’s an athlete and you’re not sure what to get them. They workout everyday, play on teams, do this thing called “training”, and you’re not even sure where your local gym is. Don’t stress. There are simple ways to know what your athlete will love. We’ve put together a gift list that will help you find the perfect item to bring to their birthday party. Understanding the Athlete: The More, the Merrier. You may feel like they’ve got all the Nike gear they need but athletes love having a lot of options. They don’t want to wear

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Gift List: The Chef


You know the aromas, the tastes amaze you, but the fancy terms confuse you. Sounds like you’ve got a chef in your life! You appreciate every meal they’ve fed you, but you don’t know how to return the favor. You’re not sure what tools they use or need, what kind of cookbooks they like, or if they even use cookbooks! But we’ve put together a simple gift list that’s sure to help you support your chef.   Understanding the Chef: Baking vs. Cooking. Most importantly, you need to figure out if this person likes to cook or bake. Yes, they

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Gift List: The Minimalist


Neutrals, succulents, triangles, and empty space. Minimalists can be tricky to shop for. You want to get them something good, but you might be pretty lost. So we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect gift for what could be the pickiest type of receiver.   Understanding the Minimalist: No clutter. This means anything impractical or too large will likely be tossed. We’re talking food dehydrators, magazine stacks, excessive cords and electronics, you get the picture. Anti-tacky. Bright colors, characters printed on rugs, childish toys are all off your list. Don’t even let them tempt you. If

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New Update!

After a lot of hard work, We’re excited to announce Pinterest Sync on the latest version of the Giftry app! This means you can now sync your Giftry wish list to your Pinterest account! For every collection you create, Giftry will create a new board on Pinterest and pin every item you add. Show all your followers what you love and more importantly, what they should buy for you. To sync your account, make sure to download the latest version of Giftry from the App Store (version 2.7.5) and activate Pinterest Sync in your settings. We’d love to hear what

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Those of you with women in your life may have survived Valentine’s Day but if there are kids in the picture another gift-giving holiday is fast approaching. There’s only a week until Mother’s Day. We asked some actual moms what they want for Mother’s Day and here are some of the things they said they wish their husbands and kids would get them. Cleaning Services The mom in your life might not have the time to get to that spring cleaning and May is a perfect time to gift her a few hours of spring cleaning. You can look up

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