You know a lumberjack when you see one. The facial hair ranges from 5 o’clock shadow to full-length beard. You try to call him on the weekends but he never picks up. He’s probably sitting by a fire or hanging off the side of a mountain. His wardrobe consists of flannel, khaki, and perhaps Chacos. But don’t let this description limit you! Your lumberjack could be a female, and yes we’ve got ideas for her too. This gift list is for the outdoor-loving friends in your life.

Understanding the Lumberjack:

  1. Gear. Most importantly, you need to sneakily find out what gear your lumberjack already has. Think about the last camping trip you went on with them. Did they have a tent? Was is it new? How well did the cooking equipment work? Try and remember the gear they’ve complained about and take note. If you are not a camper and haven’t ever been with them, try and ask their relatives, friends, family members. Check their social media. Most likely there are photos of their gear and campsites. Look around for brand names and information in the captions!
  2. Type. Think about the type of outdoorsman we’re talking about here. Is he a brawny hunting/fishing type? A climbing fanatic? An outdoor athlete? Or an adrenaline junkie? This will help you determine what gifts fit best.
  3. Research. It’d be good to ask around and search the internet for up and coming gear. Of course it would be awesome to get your lumberjack something he’s never heard of but is top of the line!



Now that we’ve laid the ground rules, here are some gift ideas to guide you.


Survival Tools
When people go camping, they’re trying to brave the elements and outsmart nature. Lumberjacks want to feel prepared. Some basic essentials include waterproof matches, knives, water filters, emergency radios, binoculars, etc.


Camp Kitchen
No one can go on an adventure without the experience of cooking in the great outdoors. Having quality, lightweight kitchen supplies can make the world of difference. If your lumberjack likes to go backpacking, stick with very lightweight, packable items (backpacking cookware kit or a backpacking stove). On the other hand, if your friend likes to car camp, try a large cast iron skillet, a portable stove, cutting boards, or a cooler.


 Hiking / Climbing
If your lumberjack loves to hike, consider a new pair of hiking boots! See if they’ve picked out a pair on Giftry already. Nice trekking poles, daypacks, or socks would make the perfect gift. For climbers, consider a new helmet or chalk bag and add some carabiners to the gift bag!


 Other Accessories
Of course, you can always stick with less outdoorsy gifts that will still make their day. Beard grooming products, a manly toiletry bag, small tool kits, quality water flasks, and clothing all make for great presents.

For more ideas, find our Lumberjack Gift List on Giftry. Good luck in your gift-giving ventures!