You’ll find them scrolling through Pinterest, looking for the latest outfit trends. They love shopping, girl’s nights out, dressing up, driving with the top down, and having fun. Since they’re so good at keeping up with trends, you might be hesitant to buy them a gift, fearing that your pick will be so last year. We can help you find something that your trendy girl will love.

Understanding the Trendy Girl:
  1. Trends. It could be helpful to open up Pinterest and just take a look at what’s “trending”. Currently, it’s rose gold, black, white, floral patterns, wall quotes, hand lettering, and simple jewelry. When all else fails, check out Anthropologie.
  2. Out of the Box. If you’re stuck, think of something that would help a girl take time for herself. Chick flicks, manicure sets, bath salts, gift cards, or even movie passes will let her know you care.

Check out these gift ideas for your trendy girl!

With Christmas nearing, look into buying her a crewneck sweatshirt with trendy song lyrics written in black, to wear on cozy winter nights. But don’t be hesitant to buy summertime gifts this year either. She’ll look forward to wearing them all season! Swimsuits, floral patterned t-shirts, and light pink Vans all make for fantastic gifts.
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This can win you major points with a trendy girl who loves layering all kinds of jewelry into one outfit. Simple pieces work best since she loves wearing so many. Look for items in rose gold, light pink, or black.

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For the Home
You can’t leave out home decor when dealing with a trendy girl. She loves to make her space bright and full of cute details. Check out gold-foiled printables, hand-lettered pillows, vintage record players, or personalized flatware.
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Cute cat eye sunglasses, rose gold apple watches, oversized leather totes, and hand-painted phone cases will all make your trendy girl’s heart sing.
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Other random gifts to consider include instant cameras (especially in a cute pastel), bluetooth speakers for the pool, hand-lettered coffee mugs, or metallic tassels to hang in her space. She will love anything that makes her life more enjoyable!


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For more ideas, take a look at our Trendy Girl Gift List on Giftry. Good luck in your gift-giving ventures!