Those of you with women in your life may have survived Valentine’s Day but if there are kids in the picture another gift-giving holiday is fast approaching. There’s only a week until Mother’s Day.

We asked some actual moms what they want for Mother’s Day and here are some of the things they said they wish their husbands and kids would get them.

Cleaning Services

The mom in your life might not have the time to get to that spring cleaning and May is a perfect time to gift her a few hours of spring cleaning. You can look up a local company in your area or try or Molly Maid.

Even better book her a spa day and babysitting so that she’s out of the house when someone comes to clean and can completely relax.



Spa Day

If you’re going to get your mom a spa day or a massage the key is to follow up and/or schedule it for her. Many a mom has a drawer of gift certificates that she has never used. Summer’s coming up you can get her a pedicure to slough off her winter feet and paint her toes for sandal weather. Or get mom a massage so she can relax and ease those tense muscles.

Better yet, book a babysitter too. Mom can’t treat herself to a day at the spa if there’s no one to watch the kids.


A Home-Cooked Meal

There are several companies that will deliver food for cooking right to your door. You can get your mom a box or a subscription to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or if you want a new cultural experience order her a Try the World box.

It’s perfect for the mom who loves to cook, or even better, you can offer to cook the meal for her or spend quality time cooking together.



Springtime is a great time to plant new flowers and trees. You can get her a gift that will blossom again every year. You can also plant herbs, melons, corn, or other vegetables.

Here is a list of some of the plants that do well when planted in May but it will vary depending on the climate you’re in.

Still Stumped? 

Every mom is unique. The only way to really know what she wants is to convince her to get the Giftry app and make her wish list.


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