Turn window shoppers into customers.

Every day you have hundreds of customers walk into your store or visit your website and leave without making a purchase. With the Giftry Retail Partner program, those window shoppers become loyal customers and advocates for you brand.

Learn how Giftry can increase your sales today!

Birthdays and social circles

Names and contact information

With the Giftry Showroom App and E-Commerce integration, you can automatically capture the most important information about your potential customers.

Knowledge is Power.

Products they like

Stop show-rooming at the source.

With Giftry, your potential customers and their friends and family will be re-directed to your store when they're ready to make the purchase. You helped with the research, you should get the sale.

"Giftry has helped our store create sales from thin air. We felt helpless every time someone would come and leave without making a purchase. Now we set up their list and turn that interest into revenue."

Brad Bowen

VP Marketing, Brookly

Convert your lost customers into sales!

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