Gifts That Give Back: Musana Jewelry


Buying Musana jewelry means so much more than wearing a beautiful, handmade accessory. It also means providing opportunities for women in Uganda to receive employment and a steady salary. Musana’s model is unique and profound: Our model is to empower women to provide opportunities for their children, creating a generation of change. Working with women in developing countries gets at the root of breaking the cycle of poverty. Women are often the sole providers for their families, and yet there is little work available for them. By employing mothers, we empower them to break the cycle of poverty and create brighter futures for their children. If that’s

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Gift List: The Minimalist


Neutrals, succulents, triangles, and empty space. Minimalists can be tricky to shop for. You want to get them something good, but you might be pretty lost. So we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect gift for what could be the pickiest type of receiver.   Understanding the Minimalist: No clutter. This means anything impractical or too large will likely be tossed. We’re talking food dehydrators, magazine stacks, excessive cords and electronics, you get the picture. Anti-tacky. Bright colors, characters printed on rugs, childish toys are all off your list. Don’t even let them tempt you. If

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